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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Working on a Dream... Springsteen not me

Today I purchased Bruce Springsteen's new album, "Working on a Dream" and was able to listen to it the whole way to and from work.  Now I became a fan of the Boss about four years ago and have listened to most of his work.  I even got to see him kick off his "Devils and Dust" tour in Detroit a few years ago.  I enjoyed that CD as well as "Magic" but I have to say, aside from a few good songs I didn't think "Working on a Dream" is that great.  

Most of the songs on the album are pretty forgettable and that is tough to do when you are THE BOSS!  "Outlaw Pete" is ok, but too long.  "Working on a Dream" is a nice song but nothing special.  "The Wrestler" has some cool acoustic guitar but the lyrics seem cheesy.  Don't get me started on "Surprise, Surprise."  I did find comfort and vintage Bruce in "What Love Can Do," "Good Eye," and "Kingdom of Days."

Although I have been critical of this album I would recommend it to long time fans of the Boss but I think those that are listening to him for the first time might get the wrong idea from this set of songs.  Do not expect the Bruce of old.  He's beginning to explore the more poppy side of rock.  Regardless of the direction he is going, he has already won my regard and I will continue to buy his albums.  After all... he is the Boss!

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