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Monday, February 21, 2011

The POOP phone!

Something I wish I thought of!  Story on crunchgear here


Friday, February 11, 2011

Tupac lives on Through the Pac-12

Posting from my phone is rad!!!

This week in RAD

What a grab bag of Rad and awesome this week.

Detroit's Motown Winter Blast is going on starting today.  Tonight I am going ice skating in Clark Park!

UConn 3rd string quarterback, Johnny McEntee releases trick shot video... then Cam Newton has to release his "workout" video.  Come on Cam, we know you're jealous.


This weekend the Frontiers, the Journey Tribute Band, will be playing the Magic Bag in Ferndale.  I went to see them last year and all people could talk about was how they thought the Magic Bag had a live recording of Journey playing while these guys were on stage because they replicated their sound so well.  I will tell you this, go see them at least once!  Even if you don't like Journey you will appreciate how close these guys come to sounding just like them.  I hope the keyboard player is able to make it this time!

On you can listen to a lot of music for free.  Just go to and you can hear new full albums and new singles for free while you read the reviews.  I was blown away by how much free new stuff you can listen to!