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Monday, February 21, 2011

The POOP phone!

Something I wish I thought of!  Story on crunchgear here


Friday, February 11, 2011

Tupac lives on Through the Pac-12

Posting from my phone is rad!!!

This week in RAD

What a grab bag of Rad and awesome this week.

Detroit's Motown Winter Blast is going on starting today.  Tonight I am going ice skating in Clark Park!

UConn 3rd string quarterback, Johnny McEntee releases trick shot video... then Cam Newton has to release his "workout" video.  Come on Cam, we know you're jealous.


This weekend the Frontiers, the Journey Tribute Band, will be playing the Magic Bag in Ferndale.  I went to see them last year and all people could talk about was how they thought the Magic Bag had a live recording of Journey playing while these guys were on stage because they replicated their sound so well.  I will tell you this, go see them at least once!  Even if you don't like Journey you will appreciate how close these guys come to sounding just like them.  I hope the keyboard player is able to make it this time!

On you can listen to a lot of music for free.  Just go to and you can hear new full albums and new singles for free while you read the reviews.  I was blown away by how much free new stuff you can listen to!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Better Made for the Big Game

In my quest to promote for free anything made in Detroit I have friended a lot of Detroit Metro area businesses on Facebook and try to follow them on Twitter.

I saw this the other day and thought it was a cool idea from Better Made Snack Foods.  They are giving away a Super Bowl Party for 25 people with food from National Coney Island, Better Made Snack Foods,  Detroit Popcorn Company and Ackroyd's Scottish Bakery.

All you have to do is email them with your information then post a picture of you with Better Made Snack Foods on Facebook or Twitter @bettermade.  Go get some chips today and post those pics.  If I win I will definitely invite you all over!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Germack's at Western Market in Ferndale

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I was shopping last Friday at The Western Market on 9 mile in Ferndale and saw some trail mix made by the Germack Pistachio Company from Detroit.  

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I picked up some Rainbow's End American Trail Mix and it was tasty.  I proceeded to check out Germack's website and they have a TON of nuts, chocolates, snack mixes and other stuff.  I'll definitely be going back to Western Market for more and possibly order some of their stuff online, since I've already finished the bag.  Their Germack Mix looks rad.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Gifts for your Geek


What do you get your husband, boyfriend, wife, girlfriend, mother, father, sister, brother or best friend that may be just a tad geeky or appreciate unique and thoughtful gifts?  Well now you have a go to website to cure all those shopping woes. has tons of hilarious and thoughtful gifts for all those people you want to buy gifts for but feel like you're not smart enough to try.  Check out their website next time you are in a bind.  I would love to be a resident Geek with this company.  Here are a few ideas I have for new gifts on

1. Yoga Mat - Front door mat that says Yoga on it (totally hilarious)

2.  Babysitter Halloween Costume - 90's style fashion outfit with baby attached to bum so when you sit... get it?

3. Wedding Ring bottle opener - Why not? if you see this post call me... or just leave a comment.

Don't Call it A Come Back

It's 2011 and don't call it a come back.  I plan to start posting again about Food, Drink, Arts, Entertainment and anything else around the Detroit Metro Area and all around Michigan and even the universe.  Thank you all for following and please leave a comment!