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Friday, February 26, 2010

Mock Winter... Celebrate Beer

This Saturday is the 5th Annual Michigan Winter Beer Festival which will take place at Fifth Third Ballpark north of Grand Rapids, MI. The sold out festival boasts 299 Michigan beers from 51 Michigan Breweries. Some of my favorites include Bell's (Kalamazoo), Founder's (Grand Rapids), Dark Horse Brewing (Marshall) and Short's (Bellaire).

The festival begins at noon but members of the Michigan Brewers Guild will be allowed in one hour early. The festival lasts until 5pm. It is so awesome that an event like this has sold out and that so many people are supporting Michigan beer!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Journey Tribute Band review and Outback Blues Band

The show that I posted about last Friday was amazing! Despite an opening act, Space Nelson, that went on for way too long, the Journey Tribute Band, Frontiers, blew me away.

The lead singer sounded just like Steve Perry and his facial features were also similar. He was so convincing that people in the men's room were wondering if he was really singing. The guitar player looked just like Jason Mewes from the Jay and Silent Bob duo, and could really wail. The drummer and bass player were also featured in a 5-7 minute drum/bass solo that rocked as well.

They closed the show with "Anyway you Want it" which was a little disappointing. Since were in Detroit and all I would have liked an extended "Don't Stop Believing" but I would not hesitate to see this band again! They will be in Lansing on Feb. 27th!

Outback Blues Band 3 by The Outback Blues Band.

I also want to tell you about another cool band that I have not seen live in concert but that I have family ties to. My uncle Howard Brodbeck (Lehigh t-shirt) is the drummer for The Outback Blues Band that hails from Phoenix, AZ. and is now scheduling shows in and around the Southwest United States. You can check out their website here that includes photos, bios, and even some music. So if you live in the Phoenix area go see one of their shows!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Remembering Bon Scott

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Ronald Bedford "Bon" Scott, the rabble rousing, beer swilling, cold sweating, foul mouthed lead singer for the hard rock band AC/DC died 30 years ago today of what was probably alcohol poisoning. Although his demise at the very early age of 33 was tragic, it was not shocking. Scott, whose most famous quote may have been, "It keeps you fit- the alcohol, nasty women, sweat on stage, bad food - it's all very good for you." was a rock n' roller with a love of life that wore hard on him.

Today in Sydney church bells tolled for him. In his hometown of Fremantle fans walked about visiting locations near and dear to Scott and to the story of his life before and after he became famous. The jail where Scott was held as a child, the graveyard that holds his remains and his favorite hometown bar, Little Creatures, are all on the itinerary of AC/DC fans. AC/DC, with Scott's replacement, London's Brian Johnson, are scheduled to perform concerts in Sydney (hometown of Angus and Malcolm Young) this weekend to honor Bon Scott.

The Young brothers started AC/DC in 1973 in Sydney but it wasn't until 1974 that Scott joined the group replacing Dave Evans as lead singer. He first sung on the album High Voltage which included the hits "T.N.T." and "It's a Long Way to the Top (If you Wanna Rock n' Roll)". It was Michigan radio station AM 600 WTAC (now a Christian radio station) that first introduced AC/DC to America and the station manager, Peter Cavanaugh, booked them for their first US performance at Flint's Capitol Theater. The last record Bon Scott made with the group was Highway to Hell in 1979. After a night of hard partying he was found in a friend's car passed out choked on his own vomit (Spinal Tap quote). Deciding that Scott would have wanted the band to continue, AC/DC hired Brian Johnson and went on to record their most popular record to date, Back in Black the next year.

AC/DC is currently touring in support of their recent album, Black Ice.

I feel safe in New York City!

Journey Cover Band and The Dirty Show

Frontiers Tribute

Frontiers, the Journey cover band, will be performing this Saturday 2/20 at the Magic Bag in Ferndale. I have looked them up on YouTube and watched one of their performances and was very impressed. With the carousal of band members even the real Journey seems like a cover band. So I figure paying $15 to see a cover band is like going to see the real thing.


Plus I've heard that Steve Perry isn't even with Journey anymore and let's face it. He's the reason that our generation has fallen in love with the band. That voice... that hair... those jeans. If you long for the sound of his voice, Frontiers will not disappoint. Jeremy Hunsicker briefly sung for the real Journey in 2007 and contributed some songwriting to their "Revelation" CD.

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Bottom line is if you like the real Journey and would like to see them in concert don't stop believing. They currently do not have any dates scheduled. But Frontiers will welcome you with open arms to their concert tomorrow night. Go see Frontiers!

This weekend is the last weekend for the International Erotic Art Show, Dirty Show in Detroit. The show is located at Bert's Theater in the Eastern Market area on Russell. It is open starting tonight, Friday, from 7pm-2am and then also Saturday "closing night" at the same time. Tickets are $15 and can be purchased in advance at Noir Leather in Royal Oak.

The shows stated mission on the website is, "to promote, publish and propagate erotic art in all forms." I feel like that is something I can support, especially if it supports local Detroit artists and a venue in downtown. Once again this is an opportunity to support Detroit and probably catch some good people watching at the same time.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Paczki Day!

Today is Fat Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday, and you know what that means in cities with large Polish populations like Detroit and Chicago... Paczki Day!

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The annual tradition of using up all the sweet dough, milk and eggs before giving them up for lent is alive and well in Detroit. I jovially wished all my coworkers a Happy Paczki Day when I walked in today and everyone knew what I was talking about. Some had even had their Paczki already.

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Due to the large Polish population in Hamtramck, it is said that the best paczkis are found in their bakeries and shops. But since I live in Ferndale I will probably get mine from a bakery or store closer to home. But don't let me talk YOU out of it. If you are looking for the best paczkis head toward downtown from the suburbs via I-75 and get off on Caniff (exit 55). Head to Hamtramck to support the local bakeries and economy.

Check out this great article from Ann with tons of info on Paczki Day!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Darwin Day, Valentine's History and Winter Blast 2010

Three quarter length studio photo showing Darwin's characteristic large forehead and bushy eyebrows with deep set eyes, pug nose and mouth set in a determined look. He is bald on top, with dark hair and long side whiskers but no beard or moustache. His jacket is dark, with very wide lapels, and his trousers are a light check pattern. His shirt has an upright wing collar, and his cravat is tucked into his waistcoat which is a light fine checked pattern.
Thanks to Wikipedia for the Darwin photo!

Today is the 201st birthday of Charles Darwin, the famous English scientist and explorer who came up with the theory of evolution after his exploration and study of the animal inhabitants of the Galapagos Islands, turtles especially. Through what Darwin called "natural selection" he theorized that living things evolve in order to survive, which explains the diversity of species.

In honor of Darwin there are many informal gathering and educational events that go on today around the world that are collectively part of "Darwin Day." The closest event to Detroit will take place in Madison, Wisconsin. Titled the Darwin Day Symposium, three speakers will address the U-W Madison crowd, answer questions and display exhibits on Saturday, February 13th.

History of Valentine's Day

Although Pope Gelasius I declared February 14th Saint Valentine's Day in 496 AD the history of the actual day(s) goes back to Ancient Rome. It was the Ancient Romans who celebrated the marriage of Zeus and Hera (Greek gods) between January and February. In Rome they actually had a fertility festival, called Lupercalia, in the city February 13-15th. All over Ancient Rome it is said that the festival Juno Februa ( Juno the purifier) was celebrated February 13-14th. Once the Catholic Church came along the festivals were prohibited and Saint Valentine was installed to persuade pagan people to follow the church.

Winter Blast 2010

However you decide to celebrate Lupercalia. If you are in the Detroit area then you should get downtown to the Winter Blast. It's a huge festival that started in 2005 to get people out and about in downtown for the Superbowl. It has survived and continued as a way for people to enjoy downtown outside, even in the frigid cold that is a Michigan winter.

Activities include free ice skating, wine tasting, and plenty of live music with three stages. I also saw that there will be ice sculptures and sledding hills with snow made by Shanty Creek. Too cold for you? Get inside one of the warming tents or stations for marshmallow roasting or warm your belly Saturday night with the downtown bar blast, a 13 bar pub crawl with transportation by The Night Move.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Ye Olde Butcher Shoppe and Junior Brown

The Midtown area of Detroit will be gaining a new grocery store this year in Ye Olde Butcher Shoppe. It will offer high end meats and other gourmet products as well as everyday grocery and home needs at prices that compete with suburban grocery stores. The business will occupy the former home of Zaccaro's Market, that went out of business one year ago after only one year. Shoppers complained of high prices. The brothers Solaka, Michael and Peter, have decided to revive Ye Olde Butcher Shoppe, a popular market their father started in the 1970's and 80's in Lafayette Park.

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Here is another chance for us to support a local business! I think this sounds like a destination grocery store that I will head out to at least to experience it. But probably will not be an every week shopping destination. I am looking forward to seeing what kind of specialty meats or cheeses they might offer. If they offer products I can't get anywhere else I will definitely make this a shop stop.
Junior with his custom made guit-steel, Big Red

Because I live in Ferndale I always check out what is going on at the Magic Bag Theater when looking for concerts. They always have some pretty good acts going on and tonight is no different. Tonight at 8pm fans of country, rock, soul or just music in general will have the chance to enjoy the unique experience that is Junior Brown.

Brown is a country musician, singer, songwriter and producer that invented his own "guit-steel" instrument allowing him to play electric guitar and lap steel guitar at the same time. His deep voice is reminiscent of a young Johnny Cash and his original material is classic country. His love of Ernest Tubb and his father's piano propelled him from the backwoods of Indiana to the success he is having right now as a country artist that has mass appeal in the genre bending town of Austin, TX. Enjoy the Junior Brown original "Highway Patrol" below.

100 posts!

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