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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pretzel M&M's

Photo of Pretzel M&M'S® candies

I happen to enjoy the sweet and salty snack that I first heard about on 97.1 the ticket during the midday show.  Thanks Karsch and Anderson for recommending this tasty snack!  And wouldn't you know it that my local convenient stores do NOT stock it!

Distribution of Wealth

It has been reported on that Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are donating billions of dollars and encouraging other billionaires to donate a majority of their wealth to charity.  The Yahoo story said that they are looking for other billionaires to agree to give at least half their wealth to charity.

How about the "Help The Lowe's Pay off Their House Fund" or the "Credit Card Debt for George Relief Fund."  These two charities are grossly underfunded.  Now download Travie McCoy's "Billionaire."  I wonder if he's donating?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lightning Bolt Jesus

If you have ever travelled down I-75 south through Ohio near the city of Monroe (north of Cincinnati) then you know about "Touchdown Jesus", the 62 feet statue of the torso of Jesus with arms raised like he is signaling a touchdown.  Jesus was struck by lightning late Monday night and the statue has since burned to the ground leaving only the steel structure it was built around.  

Eery connection... The University of Notre Dame also has a touchdown Jesus and has recently been included in talks to join the Big 10.  I think this might be a sign that God does not want Notre Dame in the same conference as MSU or U of M.

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Notre Dame's Touchdown Jesus in South Bend, IN.

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Touchdown Jesus at Solid Rock Church off I-75 in Monroe, OH.
Flames shoot up from the "King of King's" statue of Jesus Christ standing outside of Solid Rock Church in Monroe, Ohio in the early morning hours of T

Touchdown Jesus at Solid Rock Church off I-75 in Monroe, OH. on fire!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Dude just go to Yale

This kids name is Yale W. Fan and he's going to Harvard.  What's the matter? Yale wouldn't take you or something?  I love that he's a fan of Yale because of the quality of life of it's students and not some academic program or sports team.  Only in Oregon...

Friday, June 11, 2010

Detroit River Days 2010

Celebrating the friendly relationship that Detroit has with it's Canadian neighbor to the south (Windsor) this year is going to be rad at the Detroit River Days Festival happening June 18th - 21st in downtown Detroit. There are a ton of activities going on downtown from the fun run to the car show.  I have already been to the festival website a few times to double check the live music schedule because of what I saw.

Friday, the kickoff celebration starts with 90's alternative rockers Spin Doctors, who last performed in Detroit October 5th, 1991.  Now I was not much of a fan back in the day but think nostalgia!  I want a Spin Doctors T-shirt.  I had not clue these guys were still performing live.  Good for you Spin Doctors!  I am sure you will rock the waterfront.

Saturday Detroit will have the honor of welcoming to the Michigan Lottery Stage... MC HAMMER!  Last here on May 15th, 2009 at the Fox, I hope Hammer isn't "2 Legit 2 Quit" performing the song, "U Can't Touch This." Ooooohhhh oohhhhhh ooohhhhhh oooohhhh oooh ooh ohhh.  Actually it would be cool to see him do The Adam's Family Theme song from the movie.

To top it all off, Sunday night, Blues Traveler will perform starting at 8:30pm.  What a tour de force of early nineties music!  No doubt John Popper will rock that harmonic.  I've heard he's lost some weight too (no joke).  Blues Traveler last came through Detroit for the Meadowbrook Music Festival July 24th, 2008.

If you get a chance to go down for one of these iconic artists at the Michigan Lottery Stage, please do not hesitate to send me pics or reviews.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer Music in Michigan

There is nothing I enjoy more than camping out for a weekend, heading out for a night, or dropping by for a day at one of Michigan's many summer festivals.  I have always been looking for a site that has it all, or most of it anyway, when it comes to dates, times and websites for all the festivals and I think I have finally found it. is your yearly Michigan festival guide.  It has all the festivals arranged by month and date and includes websites if they are available where you can get updated festival info.

I have only sampled a few of our great state's summer festivals but have never been let down.  Some standouts include Islandfest in Kalamazoo and Wheatland Music Festival in Remus, MI.  Have fun this summer and feel free to let me know what festivals you are going to!

Enjoy a Skinny Dip and save the Colorado River

View the Skinny Dip 2010 flyer in full size.

The New Belgium Brewing Company based in Fort Collins, CO. and the makers of the iconic Fat Tire beer, has partnered with Jon Waterman to help clean up the Colorado River.  Their new beer, Skinny Dip, is one of their seasonal beers celebrating summer and the clean water advocacy of Jonathan Waterman.  Check out their page dedicated to saving the Colorado River.  I first saw this ad in my new Rolling Stone Magazine!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The rumors are true... The Expendables

I heard about this movie last night and had to check out to see for myself.  The answer is, "Yes, Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dolph Lundgren and Bruce Willis WILL act in a movie together!"  The Expendables comes out August 13th and it can't get here soon enough!  How did this fly under my radar until now?