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Monday, February 22, 2010

Journey Tribute Band review and Outback Blues Band

The show that I posted about last Friday was amazing! Despite an opening act, Space Nelson, that went on for way too long, the Journey Tribute Band, Frontiers, blew me away.

The lead singer sounded just like Steve Perry and his facial features were also similar. He was so convincing that people in the men's room were wondering if he was really singing. The guitar player looked just like Jason Mewes from the Jay and Silent Bob duo, and could really wail. The drummer and bass player were also featured in a 5-7 minute drum/bass solo that rocked as well.

They closed the show with "Anyway you Want it" which was a little disappointing. Since were in Detroit and all I would have liked an extended "Don't Stop Believing" but I would not hesitate to see this band again! They will be in Lansing on Feb. 27th!

Outback Blues Band 3 by The Outback Blues Band.

I also want to tell you about another cool band that I have not seen live in concert but that I have family ties to. My uncle Howard Brodbeck (Lehigh t-shirt) is the drummer for The Outback Blues Band that hails from Phoenix, AZ. and is now scheduling shows in and around the Southwest United States. You can check out their website here that includes photos, bios, and even some music. So if you live in the Phoenix area go see one of their shows!


  1. Hi! Thanks for the review. I am a follower of Journey Tribute Band and I love the songs though. I was wondering if you also have more updates and reviews on their shows. Thanks.
    Journey Tribute Band

  2. Mack,
    Currently this is the only review I have written of their shows. I would direct you to their Facebook page (just search Journey Tribute or Frontiers on Facebook). Although if they travel back to the Magic Bag in Ferndale it is likely I will be at that show.




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