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Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Atomic Quesadilla

A long while back, while I was still living in Kalamazoo with my roommate at the beautiful Regency Square Apartments, we had a night out.  Now the night was not particularly memorable except for a few details.

1.  College friends were present.
2. I did not fall asleep early, which I am prone to do.
3. The Atomic Quesadilla was invented.

I am a fan of spicy food.  I like hot sauce, hot wings, hot tamales, hot peppers... etc. and one of my favorite things to make to eat is a quesadilla because they are so easy and fast.  Here is the general recipe for an "everyday quesadilla."

1 tortilla (two if you are hungry)
Shredded cheese (I prefer the mexican or taco flavor from my local grocer)
Veggies - olives, onions, bell peppers, mushrooms.
Meat - chicken or beef.
Jalapeno peppers

You put the cheese, veggies and meat on the tortilla, fold or cover with a second tortilla and microwave (I used to have a quesadilla maker but I think I threw it out when I moved.)  Then you smother every bite with either Tobasco Sauce, Texas Pete or left over fire sauce from Taco Bell.

Usually I leave out the meat and only use one veggie.  But this night I was struck by a moment of inspiration.  I also had a special ingredient that I was dying to use... jalapeno refried beans.  

So the story goes, we (me and two college buddies visiting from Royal Oak) were sitting in the kitchen after closing down Shakespeare's one night, trying to figure out something to eat.  Then I offer up the quesadilla idea.  They agree and I get to work.  I bust out the tortillas, peppers, cheese and the secret ingredient - the beans!  I make up the quesadilla and put it in the red Santa Fe quesadilla maker and in 3 minutes I have my masterpiece.

Being the good host I am I let one of my buddies have the first slice.  He immediately starts wincing and asking for water.  My other friends has a bit of his slice... same result, too hot.  They coin the "Atomic Quesadilla" name and let me have the rest.  Not only did I finish the whole thing, but I did so in atomic fashion, adding dabs of Tabasco Sauce to every last bite.

Got a recipe you think I should try out?  Post it and I'll let you know how it goes (as long as I can get the ingredients at my local grocer and they don't cost a fortune.)

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