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Friday, February 6, 2009

Music genres I could live without

I was searching through iTunes the other day and I think there are way too many music genres these days.  I remember when there was Rock, Metal, Alternative, Country, Pop and Rap.  Then they started to break those up even more.  It started with rap.  There was gangsta' rap and hip-hop.  Then they made East and West Coast versions of each of those.  Now it seems like every genre has done the same.  Here are some examples.

Rock sub-genres
- emo
- indie
- punk
- pop
- shoe gaze
- jam
- alt-rock
- hard rock
- folk rock
- acoustic rock
- classic rock
- electronic rock

and on and on

How about Country
- alt-country
- swing
- new 
- nashville sound
- bluegrass
- newgrass
- traditional
- Texas

Let's try rap
- east coast
- east coast gangsta
- east coast hip-hop
- midwest
- dirty south
- crunk ... lil jon
- booty shakin' ... 95 South
- west coast
- west coast gangsta
- west coast hip-hop
- underground
- gangsta
- hip-hop
- bubble gum
- break beat/dance

Eventually every artist will have their own genre so they can all be different.

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