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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Give me that fish!

I was watching new episodes of Lost and Life on Mars last night, (and if you weren't I understand) and this McDonald's commercial came on advertising their always fresh, always delicious, fish fillet sandwich.  I love that they try to act like they have healthy menu offerings.  I thought, "Okay, here we go, another crazy commercial about the benefits of eating a healthy fillet o' fish."  

What happened next I could not believe.  "Try our new DOUBLE FILET O' FISH sandwich now!"  

What?  Double filet 0' fish?  That's right, two fresh and delicious, processed, fried and otherwise unhealthy patties of who knows what type of fish products, on one sandwich.  Wow, let me say that backwards, wow.  It's like, "Have you ever had our filet o' fish and just not been satisfied with one fish patty?  Us too!  Here's one more fish patty with out all the fattening of another bun and cheese (if it is indeed really cheese).

Here is the worst part.  I went on YouTube trying to find the commercial with no luck.  However I did stumble on a few other filet of fish commercials that are equally ridiculous, offering two filet o' fish in a value meal and another video of someone who orders a Big Mac and substitutes fish patties for the meat.  I think there were trying to watch their figure you know...

This is the one where you can get two sandwiches for a great low price!

Here is the filet o' fish Big Mac... brilliant!

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