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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Prince EXO3 Rebel 95

As most of you know I am a tennis teaching professional and I happen to be sponsored by Prince Tennis.  This means that I support their brand and promote their new products.  Recently I was sent one of their new racquets, the EXO 3 Rebel 95.  Touring pro Gael Monfils is currently using this frame and actually switched to it from competitor Head Racquets.  I strung the racquet with Prince's new string Recoil at the mid range, 55 lbs.

The racquet felt great.  I played a match with it the next day and was pleased with the added power on my serve.  It also felt as though the ball lingered on the strings a bit longer than with my previous Prince racquet, the O3 Hybrid tour.  As far as swing weight (how hard it is to swing the racquet) it is a bit on the hefty side but feels great when you connect in the sweet spot.  Volleys also felt more solid and more controlled.  

I would recommend this racquet to anyone playing with the Wilson K six-one 95 or the Head Prestige.  It has the same 18x20 dense string pattern but thanks to the EXO technology's suspended string bed feels like an open string pattern.  I'm not really crazy about the green and yellow cosmetics but then again who cares if the racquet plays well.

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