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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bars or

Last Saturday night my fiance and I visited Kalamazoo to celebrate the engagement of some friends.  We stayed at my old college roommates apartment, which by the way is sweet.  

He has a really nice flat screen LCD/Plasma/720i? whatever type of TV it is it's nice.  There is always beer in the fridge there, this weekend the beer of choice was Miller High Life Light, because he's always counting calories.  Down the hallway of his apartment is the bathroom and the bedroom and an office/extra bedroom.  But the extra bedroom is NOT being used as an office or extra bedroom.  Instead it is the beer pong room.

Any beer pong room, including the one at my buddy's place, has in it a plastic sheet that covers the floor.  Not only does it keep the floor dry, but may be the only thing that helps you get your security deposit on the apartment back.  In the center of the room is the table.  The table consists of a desk or kitchen table topped with a large piece of plywood you can get from your local Lowe's store.  Decorating the plywood are numerous sayings, quotes, and revelations that reflect personalities of all those who have played on the table.  Sharpie's are always on hand in order for guests to express their opinions and inner artists when they please.  Last but not least the rules to beer pong are written on the board.

It seems as though every house/beer pong table has their own rules.  My buddy's rules are simple and I think probably the most enjoyable.

1. No blowing (except girls.  This refers to blowing in a cup of beer in order to make the ball that is spinning around the rim come out.)

2. Rerack at 3.  (Each team starts with 6 cups.  When three have been made the team must rerack their cups to make another triangle.)

3. Make two... bring it back (If both players make a ball into a cup in one turn they get both balls back to shoot again.)

4. Bounce is worth two cups (The ball must bounce on the table and then go into a cup.  This does not count as making two cups, see rule #3)

5. You may block a bounced shot.

6. Redemption rule (Both players on the losing team get a last chance shot to make as many cups as they can.  If you make it you keep going.)

These are all the rules I can think of.  If you have any others I would love to hear about them as I am always trying to improve my knowledge of beer pong and those that play it.  

On with the night...

We go to a bar called Shakespeare's in downtown Kalamazoo.  The same place where I participated in the ABC's of shots (see blog post "The story of the Insecure George")  This bar is probably the best one in Kalamazoo unless you like craft beers (Then I would suggest Bell's Brewery).

When we get there we get a table and sit down to start the night.  I am drinking Labatt Light (watching the figure you know.)  Not too long after we order some food (they have THE best nachos EVER,) two of my friends ask for the trivia game consoles.  We proceed to select hilarious/inappropriate names (one of them is "Boats" and the other is "N Hoes")  

After tearing up the trivia and helping them take over the top spots in the bar I take one of my fellow tennis pro friends to the other side of the bar and make him talk to some girls.  I ask the first girl that walks by if she knows my friend.  She says yes and keeps walking.  The next group that walks in I ask if they know my friend.  She... says... no,  and actually starts talking to him... and to us.  Turns out she is from Hawaii, going to school at the local public university, has a model cousin that lives in Italy and has a couple friends with her.

At first she doesn't believe that my buddy is a tennis pro.  Then one of my other friends buys her a drink.  Then I hear something about a boyfriend from one of her friends who are now over talking to all of us.  The girls tell us they have never been to this bar before and start talking about going to another bar... which just happens to have a mechanical bull.

I leave my buddies to work their magic and one ends of going with them to the "Bull."  I still need to catch up with him on what happened.  

At the end of the night we take a cab back to my buddy's apartment and are getting ready to go in when I pack a perfect snowball and hurl it at the cab that just dropped us off and is now driving away.  The cab stops, the guy gets out, and puts his hands in the air as to say, "I just dropped you idiots off, you gave me a lousy tip, and then you throw a snow ball at my cab.  What gives?"  I admit it was a mistake and a bad idea.

This night is a good example that you can still meet nice people at the bar.  I am not a believer in internet dating and hope my friends are able to find someone like I have without having to fill out a profile.  All it takes is a dim lit bar and a lot of beer.

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