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Monday, February 23, 2009

Theory on buffalo wings

Friday night I was craving hot wings so badly that by the time we got to BW3's my mouth was already watering.  Unfortunately the place was packed and the Red Wings game had already started.  But eventually we sat down and got to order.  I had the Caribbean Jerk and Spicy garlic wings.  I think both of them range in the medium hotness for their sauces and they taste pretty good.  

I have a theory about buffalo wings.  You can tell a lot about a person by the way they eat their wings and even what kind of wings they order.  

Do they order the mild wings and eat them with a fork?  Or do they make sure to get the boneless so as not to get messy?  Or do you order the hottest wings they make, traditional style and eat them with your fingers?  I am not saying either is better or worse.  But you can definitely tell the difference between the lifestyles of the two.

Next time you are having doubts about the lifestyle of your significant other take them out to a BW3's or some place that specializes in hot wings.  Observe what they order and how they eat it and see if it confirms your suspicions.  Also, observe what you order and how you eat it.  Maybe they are not the problem.  Although this method of picking a partner is not completely reliable I have used it and it was pretty accurate.  I guess to be taken seriously I should acquire some data and have numbers and charts and stuff.  More on that later.

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  1. Haha - very true, you can tell a lot by this method! Also works for when you order pizza in - I try to avoid anyone who suggests using proper plates and stuff, better to just crowd and gobble my friends, crowd an gobble!


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