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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tasty Combination

I was browsing different blogs this morning when I stumbled across the McGangBang.  The McGangBang is a combination of two $.99 menu items at McDonald's.  It combines the double cheeseburger and the chicken sandwich.  The chicken sandwich is placed between the two beef patties of the double cheeseburger.  

While I think this is totally rad I also think it a little self indulgent.  Having said that, if I had the chance to order one and eat one... I would.

Check out the McGangBang here and also check out all the YouTube videos on this site of people ordering and eating this lusty sandwich.

Other fast food combinations mentioned on this page
- McWhitey - A filet o' fish patty in between a double cheeseburger with the white sauce included.
- WhopBang - Burger King's take on the McGangBang.  A double whopper stuffed with a Burger King chicken sandwich.

This stuff got me thinking.  Why stop there.  Why not combine the 3 meats (beef, chicken, fish) in one sandwich?  It could be called the McBeeFishen or simply The Big 3.  

Fast food restaurants that offer beef, chicken and fish could donate some of the profits from each Big 3 order to the actual Big 3 (Ford, Chrysler, GM) in order to assist in their bail out.  

What about White Castle?  They could combine their beef and chicken and make a GangBang Slider or a Big 3 slider.  

Taco Bell could get in on the action too.  I know I would try a Grilled Stuffed Crunchwrap Supreme Burrito.

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