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Sunday, March 15, 2009

A night out in South Lyon

It started with a 44 minute drive.  Out of the city, out of the towns, past Northville, driving on 8 mile west to South Lyon.  Coming in to the city, we stopped at one of the few lights and continued north through town.  We passed an out of business bar called Bugsy's.  The sign out front reassured us, "Coming Soon... Something Spectacular."

We arrive at 700 Bowl, which has perhaps one of the largest parking lots I have even seen.  We park and start to walk in and immediately I get a glimpse into the life of the average 700 Bowl patron.

There is a lady on her cell phone walking in with a man (obviously intoxicated) by her side trying to tell her what to say to the person on the other end, while she speaks sternly to her caller.  They are having a dispute that involved some name calling the night before.  We walk past them and head in to the bowling alley.

Now most alleys are set up the same way and this one is no different.  The lanes are in front of us as we walk in and the bar is to our right behind the lanes.  The bar has a large seating area and bar and at 7pm on a Saturday has a small but enthusiastic crowd.  

As we make our way into the bar to find our friends I pass a group of three older gentleman that probably owned a landscaping business together in South Lyon.  Their attire perplexes me.
One has on a long sleeve t shirt underneath a sweatshirt with the sleeves cut off.  The other, a flannel button down and jeans.  Lastly, and most perplexing, Philip (I heard them say his name) was wearing jeans, a sweatshirt and what looked like a brand new pair of Ugg boots.

If you don't know Ugg boots, they have become very popular over the last 3 years or so with the young female crowd.

We meet our friends who are drinking Coors Light pitchers.  We stick to this all night.  We fear change.

The ring leader or spearhead of this outing arrives with his own bowling shoes and informs us that he has worked out a deal with the owner where we can each pay $15 for all you can bowl till 12 when they close.  I'm in.

Actual bowling

I end up bowling the best all night in the first game.  I came away with a 150 (highest score ever = 200).  I don't remember any other scores but I do remember the very last game...
Steve and I after initiating the new "handshake"

We were all done bowling... all of us but one.  One of our friends took it upon himself to finish not only his game but all 7 of our games.  And being as how the alley was closing he only had about 15 minutes to do it. 

 So for the final 15 minutes of the night we all watched in awe and a little bit of confusion as our fearless friend proceeded to run frantically from lane to lane hurling balls down the lane.  Not even pausing to see if he hit any pins.  The term "speed bowling" was termed and a new sport was born.  Our friend was able to make a few strikes and spares and almost complete each game minus the final frames.

Final verdict on South Lyon... pleasantly surprised!  

Also, who knew Ugg Boots were from Australia?

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