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Monday, March 30, 2009

A night out at the Royal Oak Brewery

This Sunday night we treated ourselves to a night out at the Royal Oak Brewery in downtown Royal Oak.  Participants included myself, my fiance and my youngest brother who attends Kettering University in Flint, MI. but spends his work term in Novi, MI.

Being a Sunday I knew we were not going to get crazy but I also knew that I had a hankerin' for some of their tasty craft brews.  Apart from the beer we also went for some food, which again I was pleasantly surprised with.  The night went down as follows...

My brother arrives at my apartment around 8pm and we head out to the brewery located at 215 E. Fourth St.  We brave a late winter blizzard to get there and shuffle in to the place.

We are immediately seated, it's not very busy but there are a few brave souls.  I went with the Northern Light as my first beer.  A light and crisp taste temptation.  This is the rich man's light beer and I am loving in, very refreshing.  My brother, now of legal age, went with the same.  My fiance went with the root beer.

Now on to the food.  My fiance loves the personal pizzas there and I will say I am a huge fan as well.  But on this night I was feeling burger.  The brewery attacks burger lovers from a few angles.  You can go with the old stand-by Royal Oak Burger, no thrills, just a great burger with all the trimmings.  Then they have the Dagwood.  I half pound burger smothered in BBQ sauce and topped with an onion ring (my brother's burger of choice).  I had a very tough decision before me.  I had to choose between two burgers tied to a night out.  The first, Hair of the Dog, throws the kitchen sink at you with bacon and a perfectly fried egg.  Tempting, but a little too much for me that day. I went with the Hangover.  Even though I was not currently suffering from the ailment, the combination of two 6 ounce patties and a special sauce was irresistable.  I will say that the Hangover burger tastes as good as it sounds and I was more than pleased.  In fact I will go to say that I have never had a bad meal at this establishment.

The night was capped off with a couple different brews.  My brother opted for Pappy's Porch Sippin' Porter, a stellar choice as snow was still falling outside.  I went for the Brewhouse ESB and was not dissappointed.  I only wish I had the means and the time to sample all of their offerings... over and over.

On top of the great beer and food, service was top notch, which was reflected in the tip amount I left on the check.

It seems as though I am not the only one who holds the Royal Oak Brewery in such high regard.  Take a look at this article by Ron Arnold on

Thanks Royal Oak Brewery for a great night out!

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