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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Night out at Four Green Fields

I have been wanting to visit this place for a while now and I finally got to go on Saturday night.  Four Green Fields is an Irish Pub located inside the shopping center at 13 mile and Woodward in Royal Oak.  It is nestled between the Secretary of State and a Thai Cuisine restaurant in the strip mall that also includes a Kroger, a Leo's Coney Island and Safety Town.

This week one of my best friends from college is visiting Michigan on his way to Memphis, TN. to visit another good college friend.  We decided that we would really hit it hard Saturday night and have a night on the town.  Well one of our friends bailed on us so it was just us two, no problem.  Well we got kind of a late start and decided to play it safe and walk to Four Green Fields.  As I said, I have wanted to check this place out since I moved back here.  It just seems like the kind of neighborhood bar that would be a good place for friends to kick back, watch sports and guzzle a couple dozen beers.  I was right... and wrong.

As we walked up the "bouncer" was talking to a bunch of either friends or co-workers that were sitting outside having a smoke break.  When he spots us he stops us and tells us there is a $5 cover.  Kinda steep if you ask me, especially when your bar is located in a strip mall next to Kroger.  But we pay and head inside.  There is a stage set up for a band, hence the cover, but we head straight to the bar.  Surprisingly the bar had a great selection of beers on tap.  The Irish bar staples were there, Guiness, Bass, Boddington's, Harp, plus there were a few other good beers you don't usually see on tap like Sam Adam's and Sam Adam's Lite.  Anyway, it was good drinking.

A couple friends meet us there for a drink or two and the band starts to play.  The set list was very interesting.  They lead off with some knee slappin' country mess and then "Hey Jealousy" by the Gin Blossoms.  Then just when I think they have some class they march out another country song.  Then back to 90's alternative, Better Than Ezra's "Good."  Their songs confuse me, but hey I can't stop thinking about them, so they must be doing something right.

Now, I do not consider myself super young.  But I will have to say that the average age in Four Green Fields on this particular Saturday night was probably mid 30's.  I am not saying there is anything wrong with that.  Those folks deserve a night on the town just as much as us young bucks do, it's just that now I know where they go.  When we first got in to the bar, there was a 30 something couple dancing.  And when the girl attempted to walk past me on her way to the bathroom she completed a half gainer on her way to the floor.  Then when the band started playing, all the cougars (older women on the prowl) came out of the woodwork.  Some attractive, most not, all singing and dancing.  Then the band made the best decision of the night.  They handed out two tambourines to the dancing cougars.  Four Green Fields has earned the nickname, The Cougar Den, from the two of us.

My friend and I did not stick around too long.  Instead we left, bought an 18 pack on the way home and proceeded to drink 1 beer before we both went to sleep.  Oh well, we don't party like we used to, but maybe that's a good thing.

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