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Sunday, March 8, 2009

I have a fever and the only cure is more... boogie?

Saturday night was the birthday celebration of my fiance's co-worker. The celebration took place at Boogie Fever on Woodward in Ferndale. We arrived before 9pm to avoid a cover charge but just in time to pay for an hour of public parking (whew).

I had pictured Boogie Fever to be a mid 70's disco club owned by a character similar to that of Jackie Moon straight out of Semi-Pro... and I was right. The entrance to the club includes two red velvet ropes and double doors with mirror square cut outs. Inside, the club boasts 3 bars, a huge dance floor with a raised, lighted stage to dance on and probably the largest disco ball in southeast Michigan, not to mention an assortment of disco balls ranging in size from softball to truck tire.

There is a list of rules that every patron must follow. This list is prominently displayed at the front of the club where your ID is checked. It includes such rules as

-strict 50/50 guys/girls ration enforced (sorry dudes)
-no wearing too much cologne (I happen to like this rule)
-no dangling gold chains (Really? In a disco bar? Not enforced)
-no push up bras... false advertising
-do not push tables together (fire code restriction)

Among others that I can't remember.

Once inside Boogie Fever I will say the music selection is fantastic if you like 70's pop, disco, rock, etc. Also, there are numerous projection screens which feature rare music videos for select songs (they don't make music videos like they used to).

The clientele at Boogie Fever encompasses quiet a diverse group of people. From 50 somethings who crave a blast from the past to 20 somethings looking for a themed party. There were guys all over with dangling gold chains, facial hair and sunglasses (we were indoors and it was dark out) and ladies wearing vintage 70's dresses and leg warmers. One thing is for sure. Everyone there is there to dance and have a good time.

Drink selection is good but all beer is bottled and $4.50 and most wells are $5.50. Cash only.

On this particular evening it happened to be raining outside and the table we were at seemed to be placed perfectly under the leaky part of the roof. Either that or the air conditioner, which seemed to be on non-stop, was leaking.

The highlight of the evening had to be the mass caravan to the dance floor by most of our party during the Michael Jackson HIStory Mega-mix. For a second I was in dance floor heaven, and then it got crowded. We fought for space on the raised dance floor with lights and I eventually threw in the towel and sought refuge at the leaky table.

Overall, I would recommend Boogie Fever to couples and singles that like to dance and have a good time. Bring lots of cash, your party hat and dancing shoes.

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