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Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Morning out in Ferndale

Friday morning I went out to Toast in Ferndale.  Toast is a small, retro little breakfast and lunch spot located on Woodward in downtown Ferndale.  When you walk in, opposite the door is a wall filled with shelves of old toasters (what else?).  All the tables and chairs in the place are straight out of a 50's diner but don't expect old school food.

I ordered the Greek Omelette which was phenomenal.  Filled with kalamatta olives and feta cheese it is delicious.  My companion had the Florentine Eggs Benedict which I did not taste but looked very appetizing.  Each breakfast menu item comes with your choice of home fries or cheese grits, which I thought was interesting considering how far north we are.  Breakfast also comes with your choice of, you guessed it, toast.  Now I'm not talking about the usual breakfast toast here.  My two slices of marble rye were texas toast sized and lightly buttered.  More than enough to please.

The woman who took our order was very friendly.  She explained to us that their specials menu changes every week but they tend to run out by Friday.  Saturday and Sunday mornings are the busiest.  Prepare to wait in line for about 45 minutes if you venture there on these days.  Luckily we did not.  

Toast was a great value.  Good food, good background music and good service.  I recommend it to anyone seeking breakfast in Ferndale or near by Detroit suburbs.

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