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Monday, March 23, 2009

Big Mac Snack Wrap

As a frequent bar patron I try to stay up on the latest fast food trends and offerings in the Detroit Metro area.  This is generally not difficult since the number one destination for bar hoppers in and around Detroit after the bars close has to be one of our find fast food establishments.  In a recent post I talked about the secret menu items at McDonald's and In n' Out Burger I had found on the very entertaining Eat Me Daily blog.  Well Eat Me Daily has reported a new item that is no secret.  It's only at McDonald's and it will make an appearance on the regular menu.

McDonald's Mac Snack Wrap

The item is called the Big Mac Snack Wrap and has been added to the menu at all participating McDonalds in Canada (that's right, you'll have to have a night out in Windsor to experience one). The Mac Snack Wrap includes all the ingredients from a regular Big Mac Hamburger but instead of on a poppy seed bun it is now wrapped in a warm tortilla.  

All I have to say is that I hope it does well in Canada so that we may soon have the opportunity to have an Atkins friendly Big Mac!

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