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Friday, March 5, 2010

Red Wings, Metro Times Blowout and D'Mongos Speakeasy

Ladies and gentlemen of the Detroit Metro area. Tonight there exists a hodgepodge of things to do that kind of present themselves nicely. Plus with the clear blue, crisp skies it is a perfect time to get outside and get downtown to see a show, go to a game, or visit a Detroit bar or restaurant. So I have carefully put together the following itinerary for those of you looking to get out and go downtown for a night.

1. Head downtown in The Night Move - This is Detroit's Green Transportation vehicle. The bus itself runs on B20 biodiesel fuel which cuts emissions by 50%. They have also partnered with in order to help fund more ways to cut emissions. The bus goes between Royal Oak, Ferndale and Detroit with round trip tickets for $10. Plus this weekend The Night Move is providing FREE transportation around Hamtramck for the Metro Times Blowout (read on).

2. Metro Times Blowout 2010 - This event actually started last night but continues tonight and tomorrow night with 200 bands playing in 12 venues around Hamtramck, MI. The Metro Times is a Metro Detroit entertainment guide available for free every week and this is their 13th annual blowout celebrating local music. The music starts at 6pm tonight at Detroit Threads with music by the Detroit Techno Militia.

3. Red Wings vs. Nashville Predators - Tonight at 7:30pm the wings take on the preds at the Joe. Because of the Olympic break the season is two weeks shorter this year and there are only a few home games left going in to April (not counting the playoffs). I would fork out a few extra bucks for some good seats as this promises to be a gritty match up with most of the injuries for Detroit are behind them.

4. Go to a local bar! - After the wings win... or after an awesome blowout show... head downtown to one of Detroit's 100+ bars and restaurants. Don't know where to go? Check out the list at virtual welcome center. Inside Detroit is also a tour company that offers group or private tours around downtown and themed tours like the St. Paddy's Day pub tour coming up next week. My suggestion would be to visit D'Mongos Speakeasy, a small restaurant bar that is only open on Fridays. The distinctive interior was once described to me as a preserved version of "Liberace's living room."

Do it all... or just do one thing. Either way you'll be getting out of your house, having some fun and supporting some Michigan businesses! Let me know your itinerary or send some pics from your night out and I'll post them!

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