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Friday, March 19, 2010

Groupon is Rad!

So a couple weeks ago I joined this iffy email newsletter from It promised to send me one Detroit coupon a day with insane deals for places all around Metro Detroit. And if enough people bought the coupon the deal would stand and if not they would not offer it. I figured that since all I really want to do for a living is find the rad needles in the haystack that is Detroit I would sign up and save some money doing it (since I'm for sure not making any money at it).

I will say that when I got my first few groupon offers (a massage parlor, a carpet warehouse, some place in Shelby, MI.) I was worried. But today it finally happened! The groupon today is to The Town Pump in downtown Detroit for $30 worth of pub grub and pints for only $15. And although I have already been to this fine establishment I purchased this groupon. At least now I have an excuse to go downtown again. I figure I spend about $30 on an average night out anyway. Why not throw some food in there too and take 50% off?

So as always I am promoting this RAD deal at If you want to sign up for this daily email you may have to weather some real bad deals (it's like clicking "dislike" on a Josh Ritter song for your Alt-Country Pandora station), I have a feeling that will come through for you like it has for me. And if you want to do me a solid by using my referral link I have pasted it here. If not I understand... I hate sending stuff like that to people.

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