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Monday, March 1, 2010

B Nektar tasting in Ferndale

Mead is like a type of alcohol with the consistency of wine but alcohol percentages ranging from a light beer to that of wine. The bottle looks like a wine bottle and the process involves fermenting a mixture of water and honey with yeast and then aging in oak or stainless steal barrels until it tastes just right. Some call it the "ancestor of all fermented drinks.
B. Nektar Mead

B Nektar Meadery in Ferndale is currently churning out tasty meads every first and third Friday of the month that you can taste for free. This Friday is no different. Admission to the tasting is free and you have a chance to purchase mead and mead merchandise directly from the brewer. The tastings start at 5:30pm and end at 10 so you have plenty of time to stop by and enjoy some beverages while supporting a Michigan business!

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