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Monday, March 15, 2010

March Madness!

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Today is the day, the day after selection Sunday, the day we begin filling out our brackets for the upcoming NCAA basketball tournament that has meant so much to us. The bragging rights and maybe 5 bucks are on the line once again. And no one, no matter how much college hoops they have watched this season, knows what is going to happen.

March is the month of upsets, glass slippers, gut feelings, and over confidence. I for one started my pool last night and have emailed everyone I know to try to get the largest turnout yet, although some people may still be waiting on their prize money from last year. To them I say, "You can't take it with you... and your entry this year is on me."

I for one do not watch much college basketball until the tournament starts. Unfortunately I must make my bracket picks before that, so here are a few rules I have come up with that will no doubt help you make your picks for years to come. These are the guidelines I live by when filling out what can be a life changing bracket.

1. Don't watch the regular season - It doesn't matter, teams can go on runs or droughts.
2. Pick a 12 seed to upset a 5 seed - History doesn't lie.
3. Pick at least one low seed underdog - I'm not saying U of Arkansas- Pine Bluff has a chance... or am I?
4. Go with your gut - Eraser marks look terrible on a paper bracket as does scratched out pen. Plus it shows indecisiveness... a sign of weakness.
5. In the art of bracket picking irrational = rational... sometimes.
6. Don't listen to me... check out yahoo sports' advice.

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