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Monday, March 29, 2010

The Emory and Sneakers in Ferndale

On Saturday night I was priviledged enough to visit two local establishments in Ferndale for a first time and was not surprised that both impressed me with their atmosphere and service.

Let me first say it was a birthday party group, but we did not have reservations at either establishment, nor do I think they take reservations.  Both are located on Woodward in Ferndale but have distinctly different characteristics.

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First stop The Emory.  Named after a Toledo, OH. farmer, Emory Johnson, it features hardwood decorations harvested from the farm it was named after.  It also incorporates many of the old materials gutted from the building during it's construction.  The recycling program is also a proud point for the purveyors of this find establishment.  It is funded by the restaurant and provides funds for the city of Ferndale.  Their pick-up/delivery vehicle runs on alternative fuel too!  Seems as though The Emory is doing their part for a greener Earth and I am proud to support a Michigan business like that.

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I did not get to sample the food but checked the menu online and it looks like regular bar food... burgers, pizza, salads, sandwiches, appetizers and sides.  They also offer breakfast Saturday and Sunday mornings 9-2pm.  Right now they are running a Tuesday special, burger and fries for $5.  For those of you night owls The Emory is open till 2am on the weekends and offers a full service bar with pool tables and a wicked juke box (Springsteen, The Killers and Hall and Oates).

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Second stop Sneakers Pub.  Although Sneakers does not have a website detailing their history or menu I will take a shot at this one.  Deep, dark and old school.  Call it a dive, a hole in the wall, a locals spot, a beer joint, it's great.

Greeted up front with a looong bar and plenty of beers on tap including Pabst.  As you move back toward the stage... yes a stage, there are a few tables and chairs set up so that you can watch karaoke... yes karaoke.  And it was in full swing Saturday night.  Everyone and their sister was doing karaoke and loving it.  Songs I heard included "I like Big Butts", "Afternoon Delight"(performed that one), and "Don't look Back in Anger" (actually performed by a british guy that was raising awareness of karate kicks).

Great night supporting local Ferndale establishments that I will for sure go back to.  Plus a late night pizza from Como's in Ferndale.  They are open till 4am!

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