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Monday, March 15, 2010

Go Comedy in Ferndale


Last weekend was a laugh riot. A group of friends went to Go Comedy in Ferndale on Saturday night with some free passes we scored from our neighbor whose son is partial owner of the club. What I expected was a lineup of stand-up comedy acts but what I got was much better. Go Comedy is actually an improv venue that not only offers performances but an improv theater school where budding comedians go to cut their teeth and beef up their chops on their way to super-SNL stardom (ok maybe Second City stardom).

We witnessed the comedy group "Internet Sensations" take on some frat guys (seriously they chugged beer on stage in letterman jackets). The "Sensations" were no match as they worked their way through short improv games and competitions like Inuendo where every line has to start with "I like my men like I like my..." The points don't matter but in the end I think the dudes took the competition. The crowd even got involved a bit as the MC of the show uses bits from the suggestion cards you fill out before the show. All in all it was a great time with lots of laughs. Plus there was even a free improv show called "Dark Matter" after the 10pm show. Not as good but a nice extra. Thanks Go Comedy we will be back!

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