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Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Tar Pit (new alcoholic beverage)

At a holiday party late last December I was witness to the birth of a new shot.  This drink is not only fun to drink, but also fun to make.  It was invented by a couples buddies of mine and taste first-hand by me, and I loved it.

It starts with a generous portion of red wine (because we like our shots sophisticated).  It then continues with an equal portion of vodka (any vodka will do, we're in a recession).  After that add enough sprite so that bubbles come to the surface.  It finishes with a sprinkle of the chocolate dust that you put on the rim of chocolate martinis.

Now put that cup down and enjoy the show.  The sprite bubbles up but is not able to escape because of the think chocolate layer that floats on top.  This causes the chocolate to form bubbles on top of the drink making it resemble a tar pit, hence the name.

Now I know what you're thinking.  Who do you hang out with and how can I hang out with you guys?  Come to Royal Oak and we'll show you a good time, drink too much, and maybe name a shot after you!

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