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Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Movie Idea

I hope you have all seen a Christopher Guest movie.  These movies include Spinal Tap, Best in Show, and A Mighty Wind.  They examine the hilarity that occurs in everyday life with a sort of embarrassing sadness to it.  The themes are simple, an aging rock band on a tour, a dog show or a folk tribute.  Most of the scenes are interviews of the characters where they describe their past of some aspect of their life.  These interviews are mostly ad libs by the actors or a prepared dialogue that they came up without a script.  I have a new idea for Christopher Guest and if you are reading this please bare with me

Rodeo cowboys are thrill seeking tough guys.  The last of a dying breed.  They don't ride bucking horses and bulls because they like to, they ride because they have to.  It's in their blood.  It's part of their heritage.  They are the stars of any rodeo.  But who protects these preservers of the old west?  That's right, the rodeo clown. 

With what seems like reckless abandon these clowns throw themselves in front of bucking bulls and broncos in what seems like a thankless job to keep our prized cowboys from being stepped on or gored.  Yet they do it with a flare that makes thousands of fans smirk, smile and laugh out loud.  They take our mind off the fact that there is a wild animal inside the ring and that has a rope around its privates and will stop at nothing to get it off.  

Cowboys try to stay on for 8 seconds.  Rodeo clowns have to be "on" their game for the duration of the rodeo.  Cowboys go out for a beer after the rodeo and may end up getting lucky with Lucy Lou from Omaha while the clowns go home, lick their wounds and prepare for the next rodeo.  In this highly competitive professional one has to be ready to fly across the country to clown a rodeo in a second.  

From the small time to the majors.  From Calgary to Cheyenne.  This mockumentary follows rodeo clowns new and old through a season on the rodeo tour.  We find out what it takes to become the best and why these "cross dressing guardian angels in make-up" do what they do, day in and day out.

Mr. Guest.  Please contact me if you would like to help make this dream of mine a reality.  I would very much like to find out what it is like to make a movie like this.  If not, at least admit that it's a good idea.

1 comment:

  1. That's a great idea.

    Good thing one clown will be gone in a mere few days ; (

    But don't wait 4 him to contact you, contact him yourself; )

    Thanks 4 stopping by too, Cheers!


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