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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Flower Day 2010, Eastern Market, Detroit

Flower Day is the one Sunday all year that Detroit's Eastern Market is open.  The flowers there come from all over Michigan (we bought some from Gaylord) and Canada.  They
dazzle the eyes with different shapes, sizes and colors.  People get there as early as 5am to browse and buy their annual, perennial and vegetable plants for the year.  This was our first year and I will say that, even though I am not a flower guy, it was rad!

Coffee was a necessity so we brewed some at home before leaving around 5:45am.  We arrived just in time for a killer parking spot right by the market.  We had heard that people bring wheelbarrows to lug their purchases around but didn't realize how creative people were with them.  So creative that an award for the best wheelbarrow is given away every year.  According to one guy we met, Larry always wins.  We were able to get what we needed without a wheelbarrow but it would have been a helpful so that I did not have to make three trips to the car.

By 9am when we left it was getting pretty packed so I'm glad we started early.  I even witnessed a wheelbarrow collision as we were leaving.  Flower Day 2010 was a great day for Michigan greenhouses and the Eastern Market.  It was also a great day for Detroit.  People will get downtown for events like this!

Here's what we got.

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