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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Desert Island Radio

Road trips often lead to interesting conversations and discussions and my recent trip to Utah and Colorado was no different.  On the 5.5 hour drive from Moab, UT. to Boulder, CO. the conversation turned to music.  It just so happened that both of the dudes on the trip were music junkies albeit with slightly different tastes.  The question arose, "If you were trapped on a desert island which ten bands or artists would you most like to have to listen to for the rest of your life?"  Thus the Desert Island Lists were born!

An interesting question for a couple of reasons.  One, you have to take into account the breadth of the artist's catalogue.  Even though I might love Ke$ha, she only has one album, and I risk wearing it out with repeat listens.  Two, hard rock might sound good now, but on a desert island you don't have anyone to headbang with.  Three, too many sad country songs could lead to depression.  As Buddha teaches I tried to take the "middle path" with my selections dabbling into a little of everything... minus rap music which I do listen to sometimes but can't get excited about when I'm alone.

My Desert Island List... in no particular order

Led Zeppelin
Bruce Springsteen
Willie Nelson
Johnny Cash
Merle Haggard
Son Volt
The Rolling Stones
Bob Dylan

This conversation took place about a month ago but I was messing around on Pandora this morning and thought it would be cool to collect all 10 of my desert island favorites on one free station.  So I did, and I recommend you do the same thing.  Because you never know when you might become the next Lost character and my Blackberry does have the Pandora app.  The only problem is now Pandora is trying to find artists and songs LIKE my desert island list and I am often hitting the thumbs down button.  You can check out my Desert Island Radio here.  It's not perfect yet but even the suggestions that aren't on my desert island list are good.


  1. I can not really disagree with any of your choices but, I guess I feel trapped in the unknown music world and would only want ONE band, singer, musician. The BEATLES, and/or Paul McCartney would do it for me. Do I get extra points for only wanting one band or musician?

  2. Anonymous,

    I assume that you are a little older than I and if my assumption is correct I would say to you that younger generations tend to be more A.D.D. than older. I don't know why that is but we tend to get bored with stuff quicker. Therefore, I commend you on your ability to enjoy one artist/band in Paul McCartney or the Beatles. But for me by the third playing of "Drive my Car" I would be driven insane.


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