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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

LaborFest 2009

School is back in and so am I.  Welcome back to rad-aholic after a long summer.  A lot of things went down over the summer that kept me too busy to blog but boy are going to kick off this year with a bang.  

First up... LaborFest '09.

There is a well known lake in the north metro Detroit area called Cass Lake.  Every Labor Day for the past 4 years it has come alive with a celebration that can only be described as a Kid Rock music video.  There is sun, water, pontoon boats, BBQing, music, dancing, volleyball and all sorts of drinking games.  The cost was $10 per person but the experience is priceless.

LaborFest was started by the 20 or so families that all own cabins/cottages on the lake.  They have celebrated Labor Day at the lake for numerous summers.  They started inviting friends up to the lake to help celebrate.  Those friends started inviting other friends and the thing just grew.  Now, 4 years after the first "official" LaborFest, almost 400 people come out to enjoy the last Sunday night partying without fear of work the next morning.

There are two picnic table sized BBQs grilling steak, chicken hot dogs and sausages.  The "Fun Time Orchestra" plays German polka music.  And LaborFest Man was wandering around making sure no one was participating in any kind of labor what so ever.

We got to the party at about 5pm.  Paid our entrance fee and started in on the all-you-can-drink beer.  After an hour we had located the folks that invited us and found a seat for dinner.  At 6pm the meal was served.  Everything was great.  I had steak, chicken and sausage not to mention potato salad (homemade) and pasta salad.  After dinner the band came back on and there was some dancing.  I caught up with one of the original LaborFest-ers who said that if we stuck around late enough there would be some beer pong played.  He also hinted at a game that combines the skills of flip cup and beer pong into one game, called "flip-pong."  I will have to investigate that further.

I hope everyone had a wonderful lazy Labor Day void of any kind of labor.  Stay tuned for more posts.

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