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Friday, September 11, 2009

Cutting edge Study

News flash... drinking and driving is bad and causes more accidents than if you don't drink and drive... or at least according to a study done in Italy, where apparently they have never heard of this crazy idea. Oh yeah, sleep deprivation and driving doesn't mix either.

According to a new study from Italy people that have one or two drinks at dinner (even just a glass of wine or beer) tend to get in more car accidents than those who don't.  One word for this study... genius.  When asked what they were doing right before they got in to the accident many people interviewed said they had been having after work drinks with colleagues or at a celebratory dinner... having drinks.  

I'm sorry but haven't we known this info for a while?  Alcohol affects your judgement and motor skills, which can in turn make your reactions slower and makes you more likely to get in an accident.  They must be bored in Italy.  Plus, even though people already know this, it does not seem to prevent them from still drinking and driving.  And who drives in Italy?  In most of the major cities there is at least a bus system and roads and streets that are very walkable.

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