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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

No Dancing?

Tyler Frost (Randy Roberts/The Courier)

Recently, a male high school student was suspended from school for... dancing.  He attends a Christian school that prohibits the satanic ritual of dancing and the school took a hard line suspending him.  He was not allowed to take his final exams in time and will not be allowed to graduate with the rest of his class this spring for... dancing.  

The story goes that this student, Tyler Frost, has a girlfriend that attends a very progressive high school that does allow dancing and even promotes it at an event called the prom.  Tyler chose to attend the prom at his girlfriend's school and there engaged in the treacherous act of... dancing.  Now the school says that he is suspended and Tyler argues that he was not on school grounds whilst partaking in the act of dancing (seriously this sounds like a story from "The Onion") and therefore should not be suspended.  The school stands by their ruling and may now be sued by Tyler and his parents.

Tyler spoke out this morning on "The Early Show" saying that he thinks he did the right thing and does not regret dancing at prom.  In related news I would like to invite all willing participants to a dance-a-thon across the street from Tyler's Christian school.  Seriously... no dancing...  I wonder if those kids are allowed to eat junk food or crack jokes?

Thanks to Mike Krumboltz and Yahoo Buzz for the story.  Click here for the original article.

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