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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jack White news and more from the bottom of the Detroit River


Jack White and his other side project Dead Weather have announced a Detroit show at the Fillmore on July 25th.  The stop comes in the middle of a 25 show US tour this summer.  Their new album, Horehound, will be released in Europe on July 13th and in the US on July 14th.  You can check out the tour schedule, album news and more at their website, .  Thanks to google news and their website for all the info and picture above!

In the Darkest Depths of a Dirty River

About two weeks ago the coast guard was doing some routine maneuvers in the Detroit River and came across a very valuable statue that has been missing since 2001.  Apparently it had been chucked into the Detroit River by the thieves.  At first they were unable to bring the sculpture to shore but on May 6th they surfaced the piece of art only to discover it was a statue that had been stolen from the Grosse Pointe War Memorial.

Detroit Police Department Dive Team divers felt “The Nude” in the Detroit River before they ever saw her.
"The Nude" in full view after being recovered from the Detroit River.

The bronze statue weighs in at a hefty 600 pounds and stands about 5 feet high.  It was sculpted by Harriet Whitney Frishmuth (1880 - 1980).  A Philadelphia born sculptor known for her works in bronze and who studied with renown French sculptor Auguste Rodin.  She has won countless awards for her sculptures, a few while still a student.  Her early sculptures seem to fetch the highest prices.

Auguste Rodin (1840-1917) helped train Harriet Whitney Frishmuth in the art of sculpture during her early years.

It has not been determined whether the statue will return to the War Memorial or if it will stay at the Dossin Museum on Belle Isle.  The museum is dedicated to preserving the hidden treasures of the Detroit River and houses the anchor from the famed wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.  Whatever happens to it I am glad they found it, but also concerned about some of the other things that could probably be at the bottom of that unforgiving river.

Thanks to candgnews for the informative article and to wikipedia for the info on Frishmuth and Rodin.

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