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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Morning and Early Afternoon out at the Final Four

Although MSU was downed last night in a disappointing performance it does not take anything away from the great job that Detroit did in hosting the Final Four this year.  I was privlidged enough to be able to go downtown Friday, park at Ford Field, walk to the field and watch MSU practice in a seat that probably cost somewhere north of $2,000 for the game, all for free.  There were sponsors in the street giving out free stuff like Vitamin Water 10 and a general buzz in the air.  I did not indulge in any libations, I had to drive back home, and it was 10 am, but I didn't need to, it was already a party.

I arrived at 10 am in the parking lot and then waited at the Ford Field entrance for about an hour.  They let us in at 11 am and I got a pretty good seat, about 13 rows from the floor.  Then sat back and snapped photos and video of the team that we have all come to love in Michigan, the Spartans.  There were close to 25,000 people there, just to watch practice, and they made their presence felt when the team was announced.  Throughout the practice Final Four tickets were given out to lucky visitors by seat.  And there was no assigned seating so it was all by who sat down where.  I didn't win anything.

Before practice started the crowd was treated to a 3 on 3 full court wheel chair game played by gold medal olympians.  A nice touch, and did you know that the rules for wheel chair basketball are all the same as regular basketball?  

I left before practice ended but that's okay.  I had seen my full and I did not want to pay Ford Field prices for lunch (yes, the concession stands were open and there were vendors in the stands).  
As I was leaving I drove by many of the establishments downtown hosting Final Four parties and seats were already packed.  Cheli's Chili and the Hockeytown Cafe were just two among many that hosted Final Four bashes around Detroit and benefitted from the event.  People were out enjoying themselves and that was rad.

In conclusion I would like to thank the city of Detroit, Ford Field, all the restaurants and bars downtown.  Let's do this again sometime.

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