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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter from Mongolian BBQ

This Sunday I decided to enjoy Easter just like everyone else.  I went to a buffet.  This buffet was not the usual Easter dinner buffet.  There was no ham.  But there was ribeye, NY strip, chicken, Krab, shrimp and perch.  Also available were were egg noodles and pasta.  Vegetables include broccoli, mushroom, etc.  You still get to make your own plate (bowl) and here is the kicker... they cook it right in front of you with witty banter and general tom foolery that you would expect from a couple of college freshmen.  This is Mongolian BBQ.

We walk in to Mongolian BBQ and are immediately seated.  Our host and waiter ask us at least 10 times if we have been to Mongolian BBQ before.  I was so sick of it I started lying to employees who asked me if I had been there before just so they wouldn't bother me.  We were then directed to the buffet bowls and numerous tables, including a salad bar.  My first round, probably the best, included chicken as my meat and then all the veggies and egg noodles that would fit on my plate.  

When I got to the sauces I was scolded by a worker who told me not to pour my sauce on top of my plate but to use the separate small bowl for the sauce.  When I got to the BBQ( a big grill that your ingredients are cooked on) there were 3 guys cooking up food.  To the cooks defense they were very skilled with their oversized tongs, flipping them and catching small vegetables on them.  At one point the cook flipped a piece of broccoli with his tong on to a plate that was balanced on his head (impressive)!

When I got back to my seat my beer had arrived (only $1 for pints of miller lite, bud light and coors light).  The second round I went red meat and the NY strip.  I do not recommend doing this.  While the vegetables were tasty the meat was not, kinda gamey, like it had been rolled in dung.  Maybe I didn't create the right sauce to go with it or season it enough, who knows?

The third round I decided I had to try some of the seafood although I do recommend steering clear of seafood at buffets.  Again, I was not wrong.  In my third and final bowl I mixed the shrimp, perch and Krab (yes that is how they spell crab at Mongolian BBQ, a subtle reference to Genghis Khan maybe?)  I piled on the veggies and then went with the chili sauce mixed with the lemon sauce ( another mistake on my part.)  Let me just say that beyond being too full to finish this plate it tasted way too fishy.  If you like that sorta taste then great but for everyone else, stick to the chicken.

The total bill at the end of the night came to about $18 before tip, but I think I actually owed a little more because I had one more beer than Jeff... my bad dude I'll hit you back on the 1st.  But a reasonable price for a reasonable buffet.  Again, I urge you to stick to the chicken here.  The seafood medley did not end good for me.  The next morning I wanted to throw up and ended up dry heaving in the toilet before work.

That aside, the buffet is pretty good and if you are hungry then I highly suggest this place.  There are Mongolian BBQs located in 11 states including as far West as Colorado, as far North as Wisconsin, as far East as Maryland and as far South as Florida.  So take it from me and Go Mongo! (chicken only)

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