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Friday, July 30, 2010

Got a car complaint?

Recently the transmission on my RAV4 started acting up out of nowhere.  I have taken it to two transmission garages and they both quoted me at least $2500 to fix the problem.  So I did what people do these days and got online.

First to search for RAV4 transmissions from salvage yards.  Then I mistakenly posted it for sale on craigslist.  Finally, I found this site,, where I found out that this is a common problem with RAV4's of this year and that Toyota has recently been forced to reimburse customers who have paid to have the same problem fixed.

I will not go into the details but I thought this site was kinda rad because you can search for any car and see what kind of problems people have been having with it.  They even have a little gauge that tells you how terribly awful your specific problem is.

So right now my car is at the dealership waiting to be inspected and then hopefully they will tell me there is something wrong with the ECM and the transmission and then I will bust in with the documentation that I printed out last night saying Toyota is going to pick up the bill!

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Anyone looking for a RAV4 with a brand new transmission???  Mine is the same but dark green.

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