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Monday, January 4, 2010

Break is over... no BB guns

Welcome back all to regular life.  Hopefully you all got your fair share of Christmas food like ham, turkey, duck or ... Alaskan King Crab legs.  I know I did.  But there was one thing that I didn't get to do this holiday season and that is watch the Christmas Story movie marathon that is usually on during the couple days before Christmas.


Not that it ruined my holiday but I was a little disappointed that Ralphie, Randy, Schwartz and Flick weren't around to usher in my Christmas morning.  I also missed the classic bully fight against Stuc Farkas and Grover Dill.  I don't know if the marathon was on and I just missed it or if the Bumpus' dogs got into the TV studio and pulled the plug on the marathon.  Either way it wasn't Christmas without seeing Ralphie in a pink bunny costume and finally get his Red Ryder BB gun.  But oh well... he probably would have shot his eye out.

There is a lot of info on the movie at this Wikipedia site which I will no doubt read later but here it is for you.  For the official cast check out the imdb site for the movie here.

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