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Friday, October 30, 2009

Good Food, Good Drink, Good Music, Good Fun and Good Feelings

Food, Drink and Music

I recently visited the legendary Memphis Smoke restaurant, bar and live music venue in Royal Oak to take in a concert by The Wall Clocks.  They described themselves as an indie rock band, but they are really so much more.  I witnessed some wicked guitar playing as the Clocks ran through some originals as well as a mini set of covers.  The crowd was small but appreciative and the food was amazing.  I highly recommend the Beef Brisket sandwich done Memphis Style (on a hamburger bun with cole slaw).  The brisket comes slathered in Memphis Smoke's sweet BBQ sauce.  I regret not bringing any of it home so much I sung the blues.  During a break the bassist of the Clocks handed us a bill for their album opening which was last night (Thursday) at the Hard Rock Cafe downtown.  Although I did not get to go I am sure it was good.

Drink and Fun

Last Saturday a few of us went out to watch the MSU vs. Iowa game at a local Ferndale establishment called Rosie O'Grady's.  O'Grady's is located on Nine Mile Rd. west of Woodward and is a huge bar with this awesome "$2 domestic pints during a televised Michigan sporting event" deal.  But the wait for a table was so long (2 hours) that we decided to pass for the time being and head to Dino's Lounge for dinner.  I strongly suggest the B.F.J. ( Big, Fat, Juicy) burger.  It comes stuffed with four cheeses and pepperoni and is served on a sesame seed bun with all the trimmings.  The only draw back to Dino's is their draft beer selection and beer prices (no specials).  But I made due with a bottle of Pabst.  

Halfway through dinner a live band started to play.  I do not remember their name but the lead singer was pregnant.  They were pretty good but the music was so loud that no one could hear anyone else at the table, whatever, if it's too loud you're too old I guess.

After dinner we went back to O'Grady's and had a few $2 Miller Lites as we watched the last second demise of the Spartans.  Then we turned on the Red Wings game, which was also a disappointment.  The table next to us at Rosie's was playing the quarters drinking game, and it took us three tries to get the channel switched to the Wings, but the place is so huge.  We saw a bus boy whose shirt said "Go To Guy" on the back... as he clearly was the go to guy.

Good Drink

Bud Light Golden Wheat is on special at The Rock On Third in Royal Oak.  Bottles are $2.50 for beer of the month.  It's sweet tasting, but still good, not quite Bell's Oberon, but like a cheaper version for when you can't taste anymore.

Good Feeling

ExOfficio Logo

I recently was gifted some underwear for helping run music at a wedding.  But these underwear are no fruit of the looms.  EXOFFICIOS Give-N-Go boxers are a high tech, breathable, boxer brief with something to prove.  Designed for rugged outdoor activity and camping, the Exo's, as I call them, keep you comfortable and dry all while offering tremendous support for the nether-regions.  I teach tennis for a living and these bad boys give me more than enough support with maximum comfort.  Guys, if you don't have a pair of these, get one.  That's right, just one.  Exos are good for at least two or three workouts without a wash.  Just for kicks, they were field tested and approved by the African Wildlife Foundation.

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  1. how rad are exos? i'm a butt head for not at least writing a note, or calling (which i've been meaning to do), but the exos are incredible. i highly recommend them for hiking, running or activities that involve running, and travel. i flew to hawaii and back with out a trace of swamp ass in those bad boys. glad they're working out for you, and we can not thank you enough for helping out with the wedding man, that was huge for us.


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